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    Mexico,  Playa del Carmen

    Jumping into Cenote Azul

    One activity that has been on the top of my must-do-in-Playa list is to explore the cenotes. Riviera Maya has 6,000+ of them due to the massive underground waterway system. When the rooftop of an underwater cavern collapses, cenotes are made. They can have fresh water from the rain, or salt water as some can also feed into the ocean…or sometimes even both. ​Structurally, t​here are many types of cenotes​:​ some ​may be wider, resembling more of a natural pool, others can be completely closed ​with a small diving entrance ​and others ​have both features. After a quick Google search of best cenotes in Playa del Carmen, we decided to check out Cenote Azul. I really wanted to jump off a…

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    Mexico,  Playa del Carmen

    Eat & Drink in Playa del Carmen

    I simply can’t write about Playa del Carmen without dedicating some space to the food. GAH! So delish! As mentioned in my previous post, there are tons of places to dine and drink along 5th Ave. One of our fave spots is Las Hijas de la Tostada! I’m fairly certain you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, though I can’t confirm since I haven’t eaten everything – YET. I had the spicy tuna tostada and it was INCREDIBLE! Super fresh with chunks of tuna, avocado, mango and bell pepper, it required no sauce/dip as it was flavorful on its own. Andrew and I shared guacamole and coconut shrimp,…

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    Mexico,  Playa del Carmen

    Dear Playa del Carmen

    Dear Playa del Carmen, You will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Exploring your natural wonders, eating the best tostadas EVER, enjoying a rooftop spicy margarita (or 2) and dancing – all the dancing! – you have been a second home for us for the past 5 years. The city’s energy and vibrancy continue to lure us back year after year, and we find something new to love with every visit. I can’t wait to uncover more secrets. Until next time… Anyone that knows us knows that we ADORE Mexico, and that we travel there at least once every year. While true that it’s a cheap stay and…