• Bangkok, Thailand
    Bangkok,  Thailand

    Dear Bangkok

    Dear Bangkok, Thank you for…The sunshine. The fried chicken aromas while walking your streets. The markets (oh the never-ending markets)! The grit. The gratefulness for our lives after a tuk tuk ride. The hidden food gems you revealed to us. The rooftop champagne. And especially for the people always quick to smile, to say hello. It’s been a wonder. Truly. xo Many people I spoke to told me not to really bother with Bangkok – that it smells and it’s crowded. These points are true, but Andrew and I loved being welcomed to Thailand by Bangkok! Living in Chicago definitely helps…we’re accustomed to traffic, people congestion and funky smells.☺ That said,…

  • Bangkok,  Thailand

    The Grand Palace

    Thailand is filled to the brim with temples, and we knew we would make the effort to see at least one. I know there are travelers that would say we’re missing out by not visiting more, but we didn’t really care to see EVERY famous temple; therefore, we decided our primary temple visit would be to The Grand Palace. While definitely stunning, full disclosure, the throngs of people hoarding around the grounds were quite a turnoff. See what I mean? Stating the obvious here, it’s HOT! Silly me thought that there would be air-con somewhere – at the ticket office perhaps; maybe they upgraded one of the temples – I…