Bangkok,  Thailand

Dear Bangkok

Dear Bangkok, 
Thank you for…
The sunshine. The fried chicken aromas while walking your streets. The markets (oh the never-ending markets)! The grit. The gratefulness for our lives after a tuk tuk ride. The hidden food gems you revealed to us. The rooftop champagne. And especially for the people always quick to smile, to say hello. It’s been a wonder. Truly. xo

Many people I spoke to told me not to really bother with Bangkok – that it smells and it’s crowded. These points are true, but Andrew and I loved being welcomed to Thailand by Bangkok! Living in Chicago definitely helps…we’re accustomed to traffic, people congestion and funky smells.☺ That said, we mainly smelled fried chicken, because food carts are EVERYWHERE. Exploring the city our first day we were in quite the travel-induced haze – like head swimming in a way I’ve never experienced haze – but the fried chicken aroma! So. Good. I’ll also never forget encountering our first army of motorbikes that zipped across the roads, and would do so every day and night. We were on the 49th floor of our hotel, and could hear them!

My fondest memory of Bangkok is absolutely Chatuchak Market, the world’s largest weekend market. My first words upon arrival were, “Now THIS is what I was expecting from Thai markets!” Before Chatuchak, we explored quite a few markets that looked to have only knock-off items and silly trinkets – not at all what we wanted. Chatuchak has over 15,000 stalls, all of which are spread across 35 acres. The best way to describe this market is to have you envision 10 Costcos full of back-to-back mini stalls. It. Is. Never. Ending. Andrew had a beer and I grabbed an out-of-this-world mojito…seriously, the best mojito I’ve ever had…at Brio Bistro and Bar, a small, but cute space we stumbled upon within 5 minutes of arriving. It’s a great respite from the crowds with such the chill vibe. There is nothing like a good cocktail to get you in the mood to shop! To that end, trust me when I say to have A LOT of space available in your suitcase, as there are so many treasures to be found here. They also offer shipping services if you want to purchase and immediately send home. It was recommended that we go early, and I’m grateful that we listened. Once noon hit, it was like walking through a wall of heat. After traipsing around the market for a few hours, we were sweaty and exhausted. It’s a long, hot day, but 100% worth it!