Phuket,  Thailand

Dear Phuket

Dear Phuket,
Your calm waters and vibrant streets were exactly what we needed for our last week in Thailand. Beachside cafes with a Chang, exploring Phuket Town and swimming with the rainbow of fish in your crystal clear water will be etched forever in my memories. Even if we had a whole year, I’m not sure we’d be able to explore the stunning beaches you so picture-perfectly display. I hope to see them all some day.

After the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, we knew we’d want an extended beach time, and Phuket 100% delivered. We snorkeled around Banana Island…

Lounged poolside at HQ Beach Club for a day…

And saw perfect sunsets every evening…truly heavenly.  Also heavenly was our resort, Paresa. Located at the top of the cliffs, it is truly Heaven among the Heavens. Even the resort staff dress in white as they are the angels of the grounds. We made the decision to splurge on the last leg of the trip, and OH MY GOD did Paresa deliver! With a gorgeous view of the Andaman Sea, we were never without a picturesque sight to soak in. Photos really tell the tale well here…

Phuket, Andaman, Thailand, travel
Phuket, Andaman, Thailand, travel

One thing we did learn in Phuket is that most places require a shuttle/tuk tuk ride to get there. My tip for booking a hotel in Phuket would be to make sure they offer shuttle rides back and forth from the city center. Especially for where we stayed, it was crucial – being at the top of a cliff makes for excellent views, but difficult transportation. Our resort didn’t pick up after 8pm so the nights we stayed out past then, we had to bargain HARD with the tuk tuk drivers. They all gather in the same area, and pre-determine how much they’ll charge. For a 10 minute ride, they tried charging 500 baht, (a fortune for a tuk tuk ride), but Andrew was able to talk one driver down to 400 – still a fortune really.

I like to think that Phuket should be where you simply relax and enjoy the beautiful water and beaches, not where you shop. That said, if you are looking to buy good Thai souvenirs, and you’re planning to stay in northern cities (i.e. Bangkok) then another tip I have is to do your shopping elsewhere. I found that most shops in Phuket offered much of the same merchandise; and since it was our last city, I can say with confidence that Bangkok and Chiang Mai markets were much more worthwhile. Besides, why would you want to shop when you can enjoy a mojito, delish lunch and a gorgeous view?

phuket, thailand, vacation, travel

Lastly, since it is SO HOT in Thailand, rolled ice cream is an absolute MUST! That’s it, my third (super important, lol) tip – just find a stand, watch as your ice cream is rolled, toppings are sprinkled to your utter delight, and savor the deliciousness. =)

phuket, thailand, vacation, travel