Chiang Mai, Market, Thailand, travel
Chiang Mai,  Thailand

Eating Our Way Around Chiang Mai

There is SO MUCH to say about the places we ate and drank in Chiang Mai that were incredible for so many different reasons. One of our favorite day spots was Annie’s Guesthouse and Bar, where we experienced the deliciousness that is mango sticky rice for the first time. Creamy, with juuuuuust the right amount of sweetness, I could eat mango sticky rice at every meal and probably not get sick of it. Annie’s is an open-air bar/guesthouse offering a wide selection of beers and spirits.

food, travel, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Mango Sticky Rice, Chiang Mai, Thailand, travel, food

Even more than Annie’s, we’d 100% recommend Fern Forest Café. The food, the ambiance, the service – we could have stayed all day. Outside is a lush hideaway among the trees; and inside is reminiscent of a French café, decked out in mostly white with touches of blue – classy, yet super cozy.

Fern Forest Cafe, patio, Chiang Mai, Thailand, travel, food
Fern Forest Cafe, Thailand, Chiang Mai, travel, food

Walking around at night is even more fun b/c Chiang Mai really comes to life! We went to Bumrung Buri Market for street food our first night (where the photo of the woman at her food stall was taken). We devoured some chicken cheese balls…and this is our name for them, still no clue what they’re actually called. Loving the savory-sweetness of mango sticky rice, I ordered a banana spring roll thinking I’d love it just as much, if not more. I wasn’t a huge fan – I think mainly due to its consistency.

Chiang Mai, Thailand, travel, street food

Ploen Ruedee Market is truly spectacular! SOOO many food and drink vendors all set up around an adorable square. With live music, small boutiques and a super chill vibe – we loved it! My one regret is not trying a fried scorpion – I eyed it for quite a while, tried drumming up the courage, but ended up walking away. Maybe next time, but probably not. 😉

Ploen Rue Dee Market, Chiang Mai, Thailand, travel, food, market
Ploen Rue Dee Market, Chiang Mai, Thailand, travel, food, market

If you’ve had your fill of street food – and let’s be real, we hadn’t, but we wanted to try something else – The Faces is a must-visit. We ordered fries only (DELISH!) so I can’t speak to entrees, but the atmosphere alone is worth at least one drink here.  Tucked away into a magical garden world, lighted ferns and vines fall from the ceiling like green waterfalls. Before going, I read reviews that the service wasn’t that great, but in Thailand you typically need to flag down a server to order, etc, as opposed to them stopping by your table every few minutes. Just a slight cultural difference; and if you’re aware, really makes no difference.  We experienced wonderful service, and we would highly recommend a stop in!

The Faces, Chiang Mai, Thailand, travel, food
The Faces, Chiang Mai, Thailand, travel, food