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Mexico,  Playa del Carmen

Jumping into Cenote Azul

One activity that has been on the top of my must-do-in-Playa list is to explore the cenotes. Riviera Maya has 6,000+ of them due to the massive underground waterway system. When the rooftop of an underwater cavern collapses, cenotes are made. They can have fresh water from the rain, or salt water as some can also feed into the ocean…or sometimes even both. ​Structurally, t​here are many types of cenotes​:​ some ​may be wider, resembling more of a natural pool, others can be completely closed ​with a small diving entrance ​and others ​have both features.

After a quick Google search of best cenotes in Playa del Carmen, we decided to check out Cenote Azul. I really wanted to jump off a rock into a cenote, and saw that it was possible at Azul – sign me up! We read a recommendation to arrive as soon as it opens to avoid massive crowds, and we couldn’t agree more. We had much of Azul to ourselves as there were maybe 10 other people there. By the time 11:30-12 rolled around, LOTS of people were pouring in. Azul is approx 70 pesos to enter. One really cool tidbit about Azul is that if you sit on the rocks long enough, little fish will come eat the dead skin off your feet. Yes, just like in the spas! It took me a minute to wrap my brain around fish eating from my feet, but when in Rome, right? 😉 The only way to describe it is that it definitely tickles, but also feels surprisingly cool. Below is me watching them around my feet. To sum up Cenote Azul – the water was crystal clear, deep enough to jump into, suuuuper refreshing and absolutely gorgeous as the sun was rising over it.

My biggest tip for ​getting to Azul (or really ​any excursion you choose​)​ is to talk to your concierge about transportation options. Knowing how close we were to Azul, we decided ​to cab it. ​It really is so much cheaper to opt for your own transportation; not to mention you don’t have to adhere to anyone else’s schedule. Truly, if you’re cabbing from your hotel/resort, the drivers are as trustworthy as in the States. ​But hey, if you’re a tour group kinda person, that’s A-ok as well! Either way, make the trip to one of Mexico’s stunning cenotes – you won’t be disappointed. We will absolutely be checking more out next time we’re there!