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Phuket,  Thailand

Exploring Phuket Town

We made our way to Phuket Town via cab and, per usual, walked around to soak in as much of the city as possible. We found ourselves in need of some cool air and decided to pop into Macchiato House and Cakebox, a cute coffee shop in an adorable space – a minimalist vibe with a wide array of coffees.

coffee shop, Phuket Town, Thailand, travel, food, drink
Cha Tri IPA, beer, Phuket Town, Thailand, travel

They also housed the ONE beer that I could not get enough of, Cha Tri IPA, and I loved it so much I took a pic to always remember it (of course). Craft beer lovers, pay attention – this was a real find b/c everywhere else we went served the typical light beer, either Tiger or Chang. Literally. Even the 7-11s. LOOOOOVE craft beer so I was more than a little ecstatic finding this delish IPA. Alas, this was the one and only place I could drink it so 2 beers later + the heat, and I was feeling slightly buzzed. Maybe a bit more than slightly 😉

We left the coffee house and made our way to the Shrine of the Serene Light as we had time to kill prior to dinner. I researched restaurants quite a bit prior to our trip b/c I wanted to ensure we ate at one 5-star in each city. In Phuket, that restaurant was Blue Elephant. The restaurant is a converted mansion, and the grounds are gorgeous! Blue Elephant does accept reservations, and I advise making one to ensure you have a table. Andrew ordered lamb curry and I ordered the scallop cashew nuts (pic below)…both were delicious, but I’d recommend the lamb curry if I had to choose.

Blue Elephant, Phuket Town, Thailand, travel, food
Blue Elephant, Phuket, Thailand, food, travel

After our incredible dinner, we decided to walk a bit more around the city. Sugar and dough in the night air, we found ourselves at ThaiVetro, a craft store / ice cream parlor. We hadn’t eaten dessert at this point sooooooo… 😉 The ice cream, the cones – ALL HOMEMADE – and out of this world! I wanted to taste test every flavor, but decided on their Belgian chocolate because well, it’s chocolate; and also because it’s a best-seller. Definitely a winner. Andrew ordered the unicorn cone, and it was superb. It also matched the shirt he was wearing that night to a T! After dinner, we made our way back to the hotel – it was a long, fantastic day and we were in need of our pool and relaxation.

Icecream, Thailand, food, travel, Phuket Town