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Thailand Itinerary

The wonderful thing about Thailand is that there is SO much to see and do! It’s also the overwhelming thing about planning a trip there. It’s important to have a general sense of how much time you want to spend traveling city to city. We wanted to take in as much as absolutely possible so we flew between cities every time, and lost only a few hours each trip. Secondly, when choosing which island(s) to visit it’s also important to know what kind of vibe you prefer. We like having options of things to do day and night, which is why we chose Phuket. Certain islands are more difficult to get to, but based on what I’ve read, are well worth the effort. I did TONS of research, and I really liked the breakdown that Conde Nast provided in terms of how to choose. Ultimately, we wanted our trip to provide a good sense of what Thailand was like in all regions. Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket absolutely delivered! Below is our city-to-city itinerary:

Days 1-4: Bangkok

  • Day 1: Arrive. Walk around as long as possible to get on local sleep schedule.
  • Day 2: Markets. Dinner @ Bitterman. Walk/grab a drink on Soi Cowboy.
  • Day 3: Chatuchak Market. Food/drinks @ Brio Bistro. Dinner @ La Table De Tee. Pat Pong Night Market.
  • Day 4: Flower Market. Grand Palace. Lunch @ Tamarind House. Maharaj Pier. Dinner @ Meatchop. Banyan Tree Rooftop/Saffron for drinks.

Days 5-7: Chiang Mai

Days 8-14: Phuket

Day 15: Depart Phuket

We wanted more beach time than anything, hence the week in Phuket. If we could change it up, we would have done 2 days in Bangkok and added more to Chiang Mai. I have such a deep love of Chiang Mai, GAH! Anway, I thought it might also help to see the calendar that I created for our trip. I’m a very visual person, and this helped me to see what we could do as well as what was already booked. For me, having a loose itinerary ensures there are always things to do if we want to.