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Thailand Travel Tips & Things We Learned

~ Always have travel TP and hand wipes/sanitizer on hand. 

~ Be prepared to have spare change in public places for restrooms as there is sometimes a small fee to use them.

~ Bangkok excluded, unless you want to spend a fortune on bottles, we couldn’t find champagne in bars to save our lives.

~ In Bangkok, cabs/tuk tuks rip you off every chance they can. They’ll say the meter is broken and charge a flat fee. Try to find a metered taxi – you’ll save TONS.

~ You cannot purchase alcohol from 2-5pm – this is strictly enforced EVERYWHERE in Thailand – or at least everywhere we went.

~ Everything shuts down at midnight in Chiang Mai.

~ Mosquitos are a slight issue in Phuket; but red ants are worse, and have killer bites. I wish I would have photographed Andrew’s to share – his whole foot was swollen!

~ The Night/Central markets in Bangkok weren’t worth the time and energy – they had more knock-off crap than anything.

~ Ubers cannot drop you off at the Grand Palace – highly recommend the drop-off at Flower Market (Pak Khlong Talat).

~ The vibe near Grand Palace, Flower Market is much better than central Bangkok. If we went again, we’d stay near there.

~ If flying Air Asia, DO NOT sit in Emergency Exit. They will not serve alcohol and there is zero additional space from the regular seats.

~ Thai crepes are nothing like French crepes. The Nutella filling is more smear than hefty scoop. Super disappointing, but only $1 if you want to give them a try.

~ If traveling around Phuket, a tuk tuk or cab will likely be needed. It’s huge, and only the main areas (i.e. Phuket Town) are walkable.

~ We were surprised at the number of times staff at bars gave us their laptop and said, “pick the music” – very strange, but we obliged.