Bangkok,  Thailand

The Grand Palace

Thailand is filled to the brim with temples, and we knew we would make the effort to see at least one. I know there are travelers that would say we’re missing out by not visiting more, but we didn’t really care to see EVERY famous temple; therefore, we decided our primary temple visit would be to The Grand Palace. While definitely stunning, full disclosure, the throngs of people hoarding around the grounds were quite a turnoff.

See what I mean? Stating the obvious here, it’s HOT! Silly me thought that there would be air-con somewhere – at the ticket office perhaps; maybe they upgraded one of the temples – I don’t know. What I do know is that waiting in line to purchase a ticket, then waiting in line to actually walk in, was almost my undoing. We wanted to be respectful so we covered our shoulders and wore actual shoes. If I’m being honest, I would recommend foregoing the shoes to anyone who asks. You have to take them off anyway to walk IN to the temple so it’s really unnecessary. Wear something light and airy and something that can hide the fact that you’re losing 10 pounds of water weight. So many people wore sandals and sleeveless shirts so it’s safe to say you won’t be turned away. That being said, every element of the Grand Palace is exquisite, and it’s well worth the heat and crowds to visit. The intricate workmanship is a sight to behold…

After the sweat fest that was the Grand Palace, I was on a hunt for pretty fisherman pants. I saw numerous women wearing them at the Palace, and they all kept telling me how light and airy they were. In the Thailand heat? JACKPOT! There are markets up and down the streets near the temple, and I knew that I would likely find them in one of the stalls. Huge success too, b/c I purchased 3 for the lady loves in my life along with 1 for me! Near the traditional markets, there’s the Maharaj Market – it’s where you have your mix of old and new markets + modern restaurants and cafes. It’s a lovely spot to walk around as it’s right along the river. I bought all kinds of accessories for myself, and it was the best way to end our trek to the Grand Palace!