Chiang Mai,  Thailand

Dear Chiang Mai…

Dear Chiang Mai,

Walking your streets was like reading a great book where the story gets better with each page turn – each one brought a new delight. The gorgeous temples everywhere, the adorable cafes tucked into alleys, the Riverwalk…I could go on and on. Thank you for being so lovely every step of the way. xo

Of the places I’ve been in the world, Chiang Mai is one of my absolute favorites. Along with hosting one of the top 3 days of my entire life in the form of the Elephant Nature Park, the city opens itself up to you in the most beautiful way the more you explore it.  Chiang Mai is home to 300+ temples – literally a temple everywhere you look. Quite a few are hidden gems tucked away off the main roads so by simply walking down an alley, you’ll see one. Total fail not grabbing the names of those of which we took photos, I know. 

Chiang Mai Temple
Chiang Mai Temple

Andrew and I must have wandered Chiang Mai for hours during our 3 days there. You can walk in the streets and it’s no biggie. I wanted to take pictures of everything we passed b/c it felt so genuinely Thai – it’s where I finally felt like I experienced the Thailand I envisioned. Walking along the Mae Ping River is a super easy way to navigate the city. The river cuts the city in half almost, and both sides are equally entertaining/beautiful. We made it a point every day to dedicate a few hours to walking around and each exploration showed us new things.It’s how we stumbled upon some of the most AMAZING food! While you can catch a bus or tuk-tuk, I think you’ll find walking around to the best method of discovering Chiang Mai. 

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